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To overcome this problem, we have white coal as an alternative. The coal made from agricultural and forest wastes and residues in the form of briquettes has been named as Briquetted white coal. It can be efficiently used to replace coal and firewood. The white coal solid briquettes are converted from agro wastes using mechanical pressure without using any binders or chemicals. This white coal is a substitute fuel energy.


The Raw Material

Every year million tons of agricultural waste are generated. These are either non used, burnt inefficiently in their loose form causing air pollution. Handling and transportation of these materials is also very difficult due to their low density. So, Shree Khodiyar Engineering Company provides the solution to use this wastage in the best from. These wastage can easily be converted into high density fuel (briquettes) with the help of Biomass Briquetting Plant. In India and other agricultural based countries, there is large scope of this project due to huge availability of Biomass.

Company Profile

"Shree Khodiyar Engineering Works" has a pleasure to contribute in maintaining and preserving nature and ecological balance. Some of the nature wastage of unused material such as industrial and the agricultural wastages are inputs for our finished products. It produces energy to utilize the natural resources at the most and create a product which again creates energy; such a cyclical process is the way to preserve the natural resources. Our "Briquetting Machine" works on the above theory, without creating Pollution which is again a great enemy of ecological preservation system. Let us join our hands to maintain nature in fact without Pollution and increase the life span of mankind for antes and ages to come.

Our company's infrastructure is the best as:

Land Layout

Briquettes / White Coal

The entire world at present is conceded over limited natural resources which are becoming scarce day by day. The Scientists all over the world are exploring the use of non-conventional energy sources. Briquetting technology is a stop towards this to achieve the above goal.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the consumption of conventional fuels, viz. furnace oil, coal lignite, wood, etc. in small and medium industries for their process involving heat treatment in their production pattern. This over increasing demand for conventional fuels are making the erosion of the natural sources without replacing them. India is already in the midst of fuel crises. There is a need to adopt some innovative technologies which can produce energy by recycling available inputs without charging the quantum of the existing one.

There is a tremendous scope to bring down the waste of conventional energy sources to a considerable level through the development, propagation and population of non considerable level through development, propagation and population "BRIQUETTING TECHNOLOGY" for production of briquettes agro reside to meet thermal energy requirements. Therefore this substitute energy medium is to be given national priority as it appears to be the only permanent solution that one can think of the survival and growth of the small and medium industries resulting into restrictions of national loss.

Specification of Raw Material

Size: Max. 20 mm
Moisture %: Below 10%.

Rate of Raw Material (Approx.)
The rate of raw material (Bio-mass) may be free of cost to Rs. 1700 / MT. (The rate of raw material may vary as per availability and location).

Process of Raw Material (If required)
Most of Biomasses can be used directly as per specifications. If raw material has more than 10% of moisture content, it requires drying process. If the raw material is longer than 20 mm, it requires cutting process.

Briquetting Plant - Model

Powder Making Unit
Both models will accept only powdery form of raw materials, hence the requirement of powder making unit. Powder making unit consists of the following parts:

Layout of Super - 60 & Supreme - 70

Briquetting Plant Jumbo - 90

The flagship product of Shree Khodiyar Engineering Co. is JUMBO - 90 Model. It has jumbo production Capacity with minimum operating cost compared to other models. Some latest modification make it economical and the most effective model.

Our Latest Briquetting Plant Jumbo - 90

The Features of Jumbo - 90

Finished Product - Briquettes

Application of Briquettes / Bio - Coal

Briquettes are widely used for any type of thermal application like steam generation in boilers, heating purpose, drying process and gasification plant to replace existing convention fuel like coal, wood and costly liquid fuel like FO, Diesel, LDO, Kerosene, etc. Use of BRIQUETTES as a fuel for green energy has shown very promising results.

Use of Finished Briquettes in Various Industries (Thermal Application)

Bio Coal is a forth-coming fuel of the world. It is a high quality asset towards economical, ecological and advanced environmental company policy.

The Whole Project

Shortage of conventional fuel like firewood, coal lignite, oil, etc. develops the market for Briquetted Fuel. Briquetted fuel can be easily marketed in its ready market as it has higher fuel efficiency than firewood and conventional fuel can be substituted by it. This fuel can be used in industrial, commercial and domestic areas.

We have two types of machines - screw type and raw type. The sun died raw material (Individual or mixed) free from foreign matter is fed into the hopper of the machine. From the hopper, the raw material fall into the crushing areas from where it enters into the heating chambers. The heating chamber is controlled thermostatically at a preset temperature. From the heating chamber the briquette is formed and extruded out. The briquette is cut into required length and stored, stocked for dispatch or packed in bags for shipment. There is no binder required in the process of this biomass Briquetting. Two types of dyes can be made. It is in the shape of cylinder, square or hexagon in case of screw and ram type machine. In case of roller type, briquetting machine, dyes are in shape of oval or pillow. When the briquettes are cool, they can be packed for the market in paper or plastic sacks of about 5 kg or as per market convenience.